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Our Story

What began as a small, private in-home care business, driven by a team with a heart for caring, has grown into a state-wide, award-winning company. The secret to our success is simple: We remain dedicated to keeping families together and promoting independence, all by upholding an unwavering dedication to excellence in our mission to remain people-focused and client obsessed.

Why we care

Through meaningful conversations, we develop care plans unique to our clients' needs and discover what brings them joy. We are then able to help improve the quality of life for our clients and their families. Through these efforts, we are able to make a true and impactful difference. By providing care and emotional support, we are able to restore peace of mind and dignity in a time when families feel most vulnerable. As a company, we pour our collective hearts and souls into what we do; the services we provide, and the lives we are able to change for the better. We believe that serving our clients, treasuring our employees, and operating with the utmost dedication to service is what sets us apart and inevitably makes us the ideal choice for a home care provider.

Meet Our Team

Headquartered in Statesboro, Georgia, the Abide Home Care corporate team is a combination of diverse backgrounds and experiences who all share two important traits - a passion for caring for others and an unwavering commitment to deliver quality experiences and interactions in unexpected ways.

Corporate Office
South Atlanta Metro Region
South Coastal Region
West Georgia Region
South Central Georgia Region
Coastal Georgia Region
East Georgia Region
South Georgia Region
South East Georgia Region
Per Holtze
Chief Executive Officer Statesboro
Reagan Daly
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing Statesboro
Margaret Morton
District Director of Operations Statesboro
James Wiggins
District Director of Operations Statesboro
Diamond Thomas
Regional Administrator Brunswick
Pam Fuller
Regional Administrator LaGrange
Roxan Campfield
Regional Administrator Richmond Hill
Angie Reichert
Regional Administrator Thomasville
Debbie Edenfield
Regional Administrator Tifton
Isaac Walden
Regional Administrator Statesboro
Stephanie Jacobs
Area Marketing Manager Waycross
Stephanie Jacobs
Area Marketing Manager Brunswick
Lynda Turner
Area Marketing Manager Tifton
Lynda Turner
Area Marketing Manager Thomasville
Paige Buice
Area Marketing Manager LaGrange
Paige Buice
Area Marketing Manager Griffin
Courtney Sylvester
Area Marketing Manager Statesboro
Courtney Sylvester
Area Marketing Manager Richmond Hill
Kleasha Johnson
Operations Manager Tifton
Bri Carlino
Operations Coordinator Waycross
Heather Chunn
Operations Coordinator Griffin
Angela Brooks
Operations Coordinator Thomasville
Kim Clymer
Operations Coordinator Statesboro
Leah Rutland
Operations Coordinator LaGrange
Mary Kimmons
Operations Assistant Thomasville
Jennifer Stauff
Operations Assistant Griffin
Yakeena Gates
Operations Assistant LaGrange
Te'Covia Fleming
Operations Assistant Richmond Hill
Cindy Bullington, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Tifton
Tonya Sharpton, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Griffin
Ken Pittman, RN
RN Regional Client Care Nurse LaGrange
Barbara Jackson, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Statesboro
Shirley Wilkes, RN
Region Client Care Nurse Statesboro
Lindsay Jones, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Thomasville
Shonda Orso, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Thomasville
Jackie Spencer, RN
Regional Client Care Nurse Richmond Hill
LaShan Muchison
Regional Client Care Nurse Waycross

What you are saying

I chose them because we were referred by someone.They have helped us the most by taking care of his needs which really makes the family feel better. The caregiver is very flexible and thorough. She is very responsive to him.

Carol F.

Griffin, GA Family member

I like the caregiver they chose for us. My husband was a Delta pilot and she used to be a Delta flight attendant, so they had something in common.She takes him out to eat and he does horseback riding.She is just a joy and they both enjoy the time they spend with each other.

Pam B.

Peachtree City, GA Family Member

I like how friendly and willing to help me. I like the response I get and the caregiver is wonderful.They have helped me by cleaning my house.They are there to do anything else if I need more help such as a doctor's appointment.

Elizabeth S.

Hampton, GA Client

The caregivers at Abide Home Care met all of my needs. They went above and beyond to ensure my mother was taken care of, giving me peace of mind. She has been happier, and I can finally be a daughter again. I will forever be grateful for the loving team at Abide Home Care. God Bless You, all!

Mary S.

Waycross, Georgia Family Member

They have caring staff and personnel.They listened to my father's stories and bonded with him, it became personal for them. I appreciate them being open and honest. They went above and beyond and focused on my dad.

Rolland R.

Morrow, GA Family Member

I could not even have a job right now if it weren't for them coming in. They do everything from bathing to going to doctor's appointments, they dress her, wash sheets, make food, etc. They know exactly what I need as far as matching our home living situation. They work hard to find the right people, even if we have to go through a few people to get there.

Sandy H.

Jackson, GA Family Member

I've had very good success with them. The lady we have now is great.The girl shows up on time and she's able to take me places and do my shopping and is very knowledgeable.

Howard O.

LaGrange, GA Client

We could not have done it without them since we live away from her. They went above and beyond to help her out.They developed a good relationship with her. They developed good relationships with us too.

Ann L.

LaGrange, GA Family Member

They were very responsive as far as setting up everything I needed, and I didn't have to keep calling. They did what they said they were going to do.They were very helpful to me and my family. My mother was taken care of very well, and my mother loved her caregiver.

Vincent M.

Ellerslie, GA Family Member

Our caregiver is awesome, and they have done everything they need to do for us. They are always available when we need them for service.

Krista W.

LaGrange, GA Family Member

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